Saturday, October 31, 2015

3 Steps to Improve Your Bench Press Max...

Improve your bench press max

1. Bench press negatives
If you don’t know what a negative is, it’s the lowering phase of an exercise. In the case of the bench press, it’s lowering the weight to your chest. Negative training involves very heavy weights (up to 1.5 times your 1 rep max) and simply lowering the weight slowly down to your chest and having 2 assistants lift it back up for you. Negative training is highly underestimated and can have a dramatic effect on your upper body strength and your 1 rep max.

2. Power up your triceps
Tricep strength has an enormous impact on your bench press performance. You need to hit your triceps hard with big exercises like close grip bench press and skullcrushers. Don’t waste your time with cable machines, stick to heavy dumbbells and barbells.

3. Eat like there’s no tomorrow
If you want to get bigger and stronger you have to eat like you have the appetite of Ronnie Coleman! You should eat up to 7 meals per day and each meal should contain a good serving of protein (in various forms) and complex carbohydrates. This is essential for increasing your bench press. If you’re not eating enough calories per day, don’t expect to do any additional pounds on your bench press.

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