Wednesday, July 6, 2016



Water is the medium in which most cellular activities take place, including the transport and burning of fat. Drink at least 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds of body weight a day (that's 100 ounces for a 200-pound person). Keep a 20-ounce water bottle at your desk, fill it five times a day, and you're set.


Vegetables are nutrient-dense, meaning they pack maximum nutrition value with minimal calories, leaving you more full on fewer calories. You should aim to consume five servings a day of veggies, whether as a snack, on a sandwich or on the side of a chicken breast.

                                                  EAT 5-6 MEALS A DAY

 photo 96561f7b-6268-48ed-be29-2cf76ae9ad04_zpszv1jtjg3.jpg
Dieters often decrease the number of daily meals in an attempt to reduce calories—a big no-no. If you eat six meals a day versus three with the same total calories, you can lose more fat because more meals burn more calories. An efficient way to implement this into your routine is to calculate how many calories you want to consume per day, and spread them evenly across 5-6 meals.


Spend at least three days a week doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Apply this to any form of cardio that you like, such as running, spinning, stair-climbing, jumping rope, elliptical training or rowing. Start your workouts with a light five-minute warm-up, then alternate back and forth from high to low intensity. Finish with a light five-minute cool-down.

                                                         HAVE A BREAK

When you’ve been dieting for an extensive period of time, some sort of metabolic decline is inevitable. Leptin and various hormones including testosterone will decrease and as a result affect your results.

Adhering to a strict diet becomes increasingly difficult and fat loss always seems to be slower than expected. Not to mention, the psychological component of continued dieting becomes a serious burden. The solution is to take 2 weeks to eat at roughly maintenance. Leptin and testosterone will skyrocket. In addition, you will get that psychological relief. Finally, when you go back to your diet it will feel easier than before and fat loss will resume as expected.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

SPECIAL REPORT from WebMD: 6 Ways to be Happier

No. 1 
Give Thanks 
Happy people aren’t smarter or richer than their peers, but they are more grateful and often have these characteristics. 

No. 2 
Focus on Physical Activity 
You don’t need to run marathons to reap the benefits of exercise. Even short workouts release certain brain chemicals that create feelings of joy and contentment. 

No. 3 
Eat Feel-Good Foods 
While there’s no "happiness diet," some foods -- like Thanksgiving turkey -- can give your mood a lift and may help ward off depression. 

No. 4 
Snuggle Up 
Touching and hugging can release your body’s natural “feel-good hormone.” Plus, sex and intimacy can boost your self-esteem and happiness, among other health perks. 

No. 5 
Give Back 
As little as 2 hours of volunteering a week can give you that happy glow known as the “helper’s high.” 

No. 6 
Tune In 
Listening to music can provide an emotional pick-me-up, but choose wisely. Some songs may bring you down. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Former CEO of Breaks Silence...

The CEO of is breaking his silence months after federal agents raided the gay escort website's office in New York City. Jeffrey Hurant, who was one of many employees arrested on prostitution charges in August, took to Facebook on Oct. 28th, asking the public for donations to support's legal team. 
Jeffery Durant

I realize that I have been very quiet on Facebook since my arrest on August 25th. I have been advised by legal counsel not to make any public statements about the case. As any of you who know me can guess, this hasn't been easy for me. This ordeal has been devastating for me, my family, my ex-employees and all the people my company has helped through the years. 

I am very grateful for all the support I have gotten from friends far and wide throughout the crisis. I count my blessings every day. The brilliant team at Sher Tremonte, LLP has been working tirelessly preparing my defense. Even though I have not been proven guilty of committing any crime, the government has seized all the assets that I can use to defend myself, so I am here asking for your financial help to insure that this case has the best legal minds working on it. 

Please consider donating to the Legal Defense Fund. The website is also apparently liquidating their assets and is selling its merchandise and the content of its office via Craigslist.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

3 Steps to Improve Your Bench Press Max...

Improve your bench press max

1. Bench press negatives
If you don’t know what a negative is, it’s the lowering phase of an exercise. In the case of the bench press, it’s lowering the weight to your chest. Negative training involves very heavy weights (up to 1.5 times your 1 rep max) and simply lowering the weight slowly down to your chest and having 2 assistants lift it back up for you. Negative training is highly underestimated and can have a dramatic effect on your upper body strength and your 1 rep max.

2. Power up your triceps
Tricep strength has an enormous impact on your bench press performance. You need to hit your triceps hard with big exercises like close grip bench press and skullcrushers. Don’t waste your time with cable machines, stick to heavy dumbbells and barbells.

3. Eat like there’s no tomorrow
If you want to get bigger and stronger you have to eat like you have the appetite of Ronnie Coleman! You should eat up to 7 meals per day and each meal should contain a good serving of protein (in various forms) and complex carbohydrates. This is essential for increasing your bench press. If you’re not eating enough calories per day, don’t expect to do any additional pounds on your bench press.